Japanische Landschaft mit Torbogen

Watercolor Japanese Landscape With Archway

Image data

Title: Japanese Landscape With Archway
Art direction:
Work Number: O-2021-0068
Technique: watercolor
Processing: work on paper
Dimensions (WxH): 30,00 x 21,00 cm
Signature: a.r., VG, 2021
Date of origin: April 2021
Place of origin: Berne, Switzerland
Current location: Berne, Switzerland

Image description

The watercolor shows a picturesque Japanese landscape with a majestic archway in the foreground. The wooden archway is made of dark colors and surrounded by hills covered with trees. Majestic mountains rise in the background, their peaks shrouded by soft clouds and the red sunset. A river meanders through the valley, reflecting the beauty of the surroundings. The color palette of the painting consists of delicate shades of brown, ocher and red, reflecting the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the landscape. Overall, the watercolor conveys an atmosphere of calm and serenity, transporting the viewer to the magical world of the Japanese landscape.

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