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Motivational pictures for work, office and home office

Here are the typical ten questions and answers that can help you buy wall murals, especially motivational pictures, for work, office and home office!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of motivational pictures and motivational posters?

Advantages and disadvantages of motivational pictures:

  • more elaborate mounting on walls required
  • Motivational pictures as wall pictures additionally need a picture frame
  • pictures look more noble than posters
  • Reprints can be ordered at will
  • more intended for medium-term use

Advantages and disadvantages of motivational posters:

  • easy attachment to walls possible
  • Motivational posters can be ordered as digital prints at low cost
  • cheaper to replace in case of soiling or damage
  • more intended for short-term use, e.g. project offices

Which image motifs are suitable for work, office or home office?

Image motifs for motivational pictures can be divided into three categories: Fun, Success and Work.

Fun picture motifs are more suitable in closed project rooms or home offices. Funny pictures or pictures with sayings should not be used in central rooms, where customers, suppliers and business partners are also present.

Motivational pictures for work are suitable in all rooms where employees spend time or work. Typical motifs can be images of products. Other image motifs in the direction of modern artwork should include colors that are calming but not boring. Due to the multitude of languages in larger companies, motivational images with sayings should either not be used at all or only in English.

As image motifs to represent the success of a company, Modern Art artworks are very suitable. On the one hand, these images leave the viewer room for interpretation, on the other hand, large format Modern Art murals often look very impressive at first sight.

What is the usable wall space for motivational images?

There are some principles for the placement of murals. Generally speaking, pictures should be placed at a height of 1.60 meters, measured from the center of the picture. The idea behind this is that the viewer can look at the murals standing at eye level. Of course, this only applies to pictures up to 120 cm in height. The distance to the floor should not be less than 100 cm/1 meter. Let’s say you have a 10-meter long and three-meter high wall that you want to design with Modern Art artwork.

In which areas of the company should the murals be hung?

Depending on the target group, you should choose the areas carefully. Murals should be seen as an investment, with the intention of achieving a return or added value. In most cases, it is about motivating employees/staff or impressing customers. Therefore, choose areas carefully. Entrance areas are less suitable. Everyone has to walk past here, but the time spent in these areas is relatively short. Therefore, zones in front of meeting rooms, in meeting rooms or catering zones with seating are very suitable.

When to use funny motivational images!

Funny motivational images can be used in various situations, for example, to create a positive work atmosphere, motivate employees or to lift the mood. They can also be used in informal settings like schools or gyms to motivate students or members. However, it is important to make sure that the images are appropriate and not offensive or derogatory. In some environments such as the workplace, the images should also be professional and not inappropriate.

When to use wall murals with motivational sayings!

Wall murals with motivational sayings are great for decorating spaces like the home office, study, or gym. They can also be placed in communal areas such as offices, schools or gyms to boost people’s motivation and positive thinking. In addition, they can also serve as gifts for friends or family who need special support or encouragement. In short, wall murals with motivational sayings should be used in situations where extra inspiration, self-motivation and positive energy are needed.

When should you not use funny motivational pictures?

You should not use funny motivational images if they are inappropriate or might offend or hurt the recipient. It is also important to consider the context and make sure that the images do not look unprofessional or inappropriate in a particular setting, such as an office or formal setting.

When should you not use wall murals with motivational sayings?

Wall murals with motivational sayings should be avoided when placed in an environment or context that is inappropriate or unsuitable. For example, in a funeral home or a hospital room where people need peace and quiet. They should also be used sparingly in a work environment where too much focus on motivational sayings may be perceived as a distraction from work. It is also important to make sure that the chosen sayings are acceptable and appealing to everyone in the room to avoid an unpleasant or off-putting atmosphere.

What are the characteristics of murals that represent success?

Here are some characteristics of murals that can represent success:

  • Meaningful: the mural should convey a clear and meaningful message that motivates and inspires the viewer.
  • Matching the room: the mural should match the room in which it is hung. It should enhance the mood and atmosphere of the room and not distract from it.
  • High quality materials: a high quality mural should be made of durable materials that will last for a long time.
  • Well designed: A well-designed mural should be a combination of appealing colors, textures and shapes that appeal to the viewer and give them positive emotions.
  • Originality: a mural should be original and unique to attract the viewer’s interest and attention.
  • Appropriate size: the mural should be of an appropriate size to be easily visible in the room, but not too big or too small to be unpleasant.
  • Creative: a creative mural should spark the imagination and encourage the viewer to think and act in new ways.
  • Inspirational: An inspirational mural should inspire the viewer to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.
  • Personal: A mural that has personal meaning or evokes memories can have special meaning and impact.
  • Timeless: a mural that is timeless and remains independent of trends or fashions can continue to have its positive impact in the future.

What are the characteristics of murals that provide relaxation?

Murals designed to provide relaxation usually have the following characteristics:

  • Nature motifs: pictures of nature and landscape scenes such as forests, mountains, beaches or waterfalls are particularly popular, as they can have a calming effect.
  • Soft colors: Murals with soft colors such as blue, green or pastel shades have a relaxing effect and can help relieve stress.
  • Abstract art: Abstract artwork with soft, flowing lines and organic shapes can have a calming effect and help soothe the mind.
  • Symmetry: Symmetrical patterns and geometric shapes can also have a calming effect and create a harmonious atmosphere.
  • Large format pictures: Large format pictures can visually open up a room and create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Simple design: murals with a simple and minimalist design can help make a room look uncluttered and relaxed.
  • Natural materials: frames or canvases made of natural materials such as wood or linen can have a calming effect and create a natural atmosphere.

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