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Animal motifs on products for kitchen, household and living

Looking for products with beautiful designs and animal motifs? My drawings, watercolors and artwork are available on many products for kitchen, household and home. Below you will find many product ideas with different animal motifs. The examples below include links to external online stores where you can order or buy the products with animal motifs. With the purchase of these products I receive a proportionate compensation for the design used.

Animal motifs

The animal collection consists of a variety of images and drawings that depict the beauty and diversity of the animal world in a fascinating way. From majestic lions and wild elephants to cute rabbits and lively squirrels, all kinds of animals are represented. Some of the paintings depict animals in their natural habitat, in the wild or in zoos and animal parks, while others show animals in human settings exploring the relationship between humans and animals. The artworks vary in style and technique, from realistic portraits to abstract interpretations. Some are painted in vivid colors, while others are in black and white. Some are painted in oil or acrylic, while others are drawn in watercolor or pencil. Together, the artworks create a fascinating collection that captures the beauty and grace of wildlife and encourages viewers to reflect on their relationship with animals.

Motifs with dog

The artist has created a collection of works that include dogs as a motif. These works feature dogs in a variety of situations and settings, from playful puppies to majestic adult dogs. The artist has used a variety of techniques and styles to capture and render the unique characteristics and personalities of each dog. Some of the works are realistic, depicting dogs in vivid color and fine detail, while others are more abstract, creatively interpreting the dogs’ shapes and colors. In some of the works, the dogs are the main focus, while in others they are part of a larger scene or context. The collection contains works in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, and printmaking. Some of the works are large-scale and dominate the space, while others are smaller, intimate pieces that invite viewers to come closer and look at the details. Overall, the collection demonstrates the artist’s love and admiration for dogs and her ability to capture and share the unique personalities and characteristics of each dog through her art.

Motifs with horses

A collection of images and drawings on the theme of horses shows the majestic animals in different situations and environments. From wild mustangs galloping across vast prairies to elegant dressage horses dancing in the arena, this collection captures the beauty and grace of horses. There are also images of horses with their riders in competition and in everyday life. The diversity of horse breeds is also represented, from Shetland ponies to Friesians. Each image in this collection is a tribute to the relationship between man and horse that has existed for centuries.

Motifs with whales

This collection of images and drawings is entirely dedicated to the theme of whales. The majestic animals are depicted in various situations and environments, whether jumping out of the water or swimming in deep waters. The pictures and drawings show the diversity of whale species, from giant blue whales to slender orcas. It is also about the protection of whales and their habitats and the importance that these fascinating animals have in nature and human culture. The collection is designed to encourage the viewer to reflect on the importance and protection of whales and to appreciate their beauty and size.

Motifs with hedgehog and guinea pig

A collection of paintings and drawings with hedgehogs and guinea pigs as motifs invites the viewer to a journey into the world of small rodents. The depicted animals appear in different poses and environments that highlight their personality and uniqueness. Some images show the animals in moments of relaxation and well-being, while others illustrate their curious nature and adventurous spirit. The images and drawings are rich in detail and convey the charming and endearing characteristics of these animals. The depictions are done in a variety of styles, from realistic to abstract and playful. Some works show the animals in their natural environment, while others present them in imaginative and dream-like landscapes. The color palette varies depending on the work, but warm, earthy tones often dominate, emphasizing the natural beauty of the animals and their surroundings. The collection of paintings and drawings can serve as a decorative element in a room as well as an inspirational resource for animal lovers and artists. Overall, the collection of paintings and drawings with hedgehog and guinea pig motifs conveys the joy and beauty that these animals can bring to our lives. The works invite the viewer to look at the world of small rodents from a new perspective and appreciate them as unique and precious beings.

Motifs with bears and wolves

Currently I do not offer animal motifs with bears and wolves.

Motifs with cats

Currently I do not offer animal motifs with cats.

Motifs with birds

Currently I do not offer animal motifs with birds.

Why are animal motifs so popular?

Products for kitchen, household and living with animal motifs are very popular due to several reasons. First, animal motifs can evoke emotions and memories associated with specific animals. For example, an animal motif can remind you of a pet or a special encounter with a wild animal. The use of animal motifs can also convey a sense of joy and optimism, as animals are often seen as symbolic of freedom, nature, and adventure.
Second, animal motifs can also serve a decorative and aesthetic purpose by creating a certain atmosphere or mood. For example, animal motifs can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in a kitchen or dining area. Third, animal motifs can also serve as an expression of personal style and identity. For example, a buyer may choose a particular animal motif that reflects their personality or interests. Overall, animal motifs are a popular choice for kitchen, household and home products because of their emotional, decorative and personal significance.

Why are products with animal motifs popular as gifts?

Products with animal motifs are very popular as gifts for several reasons. On the one hand, they can symbolize a personal connection to a particular animal and thus have an emotional value. On the other hand, animal motifs can also have a certain aesthetic appeal and thus serve as a decorative element in the apartment or house. In addition, animal motifs are often associated with positive associations such as love, friendship and nature, which makes them an appealing gift. In addition, there is also a wide range of products with animal motifs, so that the right gift can be found for every taste and every occasion.

Product categories

Pillows, decorative pillows and pillowcases

Snuggle up in our cute animal motif pillows and let them enchant you! Whether you’re looking for a decorative throw pillow for your sofa or just need a cozy pillow to sleep on, you’ll find a wide selection of pillowcases and pillowcases with different animal motifs to spice up any room. So don’t hesitate and give your home a special charm with our cute animal print pillows!

Blankets, comforters, bedspreads and other textiles

Discover our beautiful textiles with animal motifs! Our blankets, cuddly blankets, bedspreads and other textiles are not only incredibly soft and cuddly, but also feature cute animal motifs. Whether you prefer a tiger, an elephant, or a fox, we have the perfect design for every animal lover. Whether you want to relax comfortably on the sofa or keep warm, our textiles are perfect for that. Plus, they also make a wonderful gift for friends and family who love animals as much as you do. So treat yourself to one of our textiles now and bring a piece of nature and coziness into your home!

Mugs, thermo mugs and drinking bottles

Enjoy your favorite beverage in style and comfort with our animal themed mugs, thermal mugs and water bottles! With a wide selection of adorable animal designs ranging from playful kittens and curious puppies to majestic wildlife, there’s something for everyone. Our high-quality products are durable and practical, perfect for on-the-go or at home. Choose from a variety of sizes and materials to fit your needs. Get ready to take your drinks to the next level and show your love for animals with our mugs, thermal cups and water bottles!

Wall murals, posters and art prints

Decorate your home with our stunning wall murals, posters and art prints! Discover a huge selection of high quality animal themed prints. From vibrant colors to abstract designs, we have something for everyone.
Our art prints are printed on a variety of materials and are available in different sizes to fit perfectly in your home. Choose from a variety of animals including dogs, cats, birds and many more to create a unique and charming atmosphere in any room. Our murals also make a perfect gift for any animal lover or for those who want to express their love for nature and wildlife. Order now and bring the flair of nature into your home!

Postcards, greeting cards and notepads

Discover our beautiful postcards, greeting cards and notepads with cute animal motifs! Whether you’re looking for a sweet greeting for a special occasion or just want to jot down some notes, our products are perfect for the job. Each card and notepad is designed with adorable animal motifs that will put a smile on anyone’s face. Our products are perfect as a gift for animal lovers or as an addition to your own stationery assortment. Order now and be inspired by our selection of high quality and unique designs!