Watercolor Samurai

Title: Samurai
Art style:
Work number:
Technique: watercolor
Processing: work on paper
Dimensions (WxH): 30,00 x 21,00 cm
Signature: a.r., VG, 2021
Creation date: April 2021
Creation location: Bern, Switzerland
Current location: Bern, Switzerland

Picture description

The watercolor shows a group of samurai in black cloaks practicing sword fighting in the middle of a Japanese landscape. Majestic mountains stretch in the background with a warm red sky giving the impression of dusk. The samurai are wearing traditional armor and their faces are hidden by the capes and helmet-like headgear. They seem to be in deep concentration as they swing their swords and stand in different positions. The black cloaks of the samurai contrast sharply with the warm red of the sky, giving the painting a mysterious atmosphere. The use of watercolors gives the image a lively yet elegant character that perfectly embodies the martial art of the samurai. Overall, the image exudes a strong and fascinating aura.

Reprints of the watercolor Samurai as a wall mural, printed T-shirt, poster, postcard or greeting card.

This watercolor Samurai is available at www.redbubble.com as a reprint on various products. With the purchase of these products, I receive a pro-rated compensation for my designs and artwork.

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