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I am a writer and designer with a focus on comics for animals as well as beautifully designed planners and merchandise. My work focuses on telling humorous and heartwarming stories about animals that appeal to both children and adults. I also design beautiful and functional planners that allow users to stay organized and keep track of their daily tasks. I also offer a wide range of merchandise, including mugs, t-shirts, posters and more, all inspired by my unique comics and illustrations. My products are suitable for both animal lovers and fans of beautiful and practical products.

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I sell my work on various online stores and sales portals to make it available to a wide audience. I am proud that my customers love not only my products, but also the messages and stories I convey through my work. I believe that art and design have the power to inspire, delight and enrich our lives in many ways. That’s why I’m committed to creating high-quality, engaging products that enrich and beautify my clients’ lives.

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