“A picture says more than a thousand words”.

Are you looking for pictures which stand for feelings, expression, motivation and passion? You are looking for works that radiate a certain mood such as passion, pain, joy, hope, inspiration and motivation? Are you looking for works which tell their own story or life story? Which are modern, impressive and inspiring?

The work “Painful Moments in the Past”, stands for painful memories in the past, wounds that do not seem to heal easily. The work “Inner Strength” is meant to convey inner strength and courage. Because peace can also be made with the past and you too can grow from it, no matter how hard it seems at the beginning.

Find your compass in quiet moments!

The many drawings of comic characters, convey small short stories or moments. They are meant to capture the small, but so precious moments of life, where the heart rises. Just the little things that may seem so inconspicuous and yet are so precious to us. It’s the memories that make you and last.

Some of the works will inspire you to let your imagination run wild, to lose yourself in a world of fantasy. Just for a brief moment, just briefly escape from the world of everyday life to be able to fully tackle again later. Because this little moment should belong to you alone. It is your moment! I provide you with your own compass for this.

Works and images with strong, clear and motivating messages!

No matter how life plays, you have to make the best of it! My works are colorful, are intended to convey courage for the future and encourage you to believe in the future. Are you looking for works with strong contrasts and excellent color compositions? Each of these works is as colorful and contrasting as life itself. Let them enchant and inspire you. Because it is their work, what was created here! They hold the key to it in their hand!

In many of the works the color gold is used. Gold symbolizes hope, new beginnings and light. This feature of the works is to convey the light, new beginning, as well as hope for something better and good. Are you looking for works that represent hope, courage, passion, the serenity of life? Are you looking for works that are colorful and expressive? You are looking for works which stand for success, tenacity, perseverance, courage and diligence?

Here you are right!

Magnificent color compositions with a lot of expression and passion want to take you into a world of fantasy and wonder. They are to encourage to look positively into the future. To bring out the best for yourself! To believe in yourself! To be strong and to motivate yourself internally! They should give you strength to continue and work on their goals.

Are you looking for beautiful and harmonious moments? Some works are short snapshots. A warm summer wind very delicately strokes a dandelion, its seeds floating in the wind. The birds and bumblebees hum softly in the background. The sun very lightly warms their skin. They look up at the summer sky. It is radiant light blue. Do you smell the fragrance of the various meadow flowers?

Use works of art as a source of strength and relaxation!

Do you feel free in such moments? Do you feel light-hearted in such moments?Do you feel not completely with yourself and happy in such moments? Do you want to immerse yourself in a work of art that conveys a special mood? You want a work of art where you feel free or secure? You want a work of art where you can let your imagination run wild and dream?

To create a work of art, to create a mood in it and to live it out completely in it is my purpose as an aspiring artist. Capturing exactly these beautiful, light moments in a work is my passion!

Your previous everyday life and her new life!

Maybe you know it like this. You come home from your exhausting and demanding job. You are totally exhausted. Your partner, children and pets are already nagging you, even though you haven’t really closed the front door yet. Exhausted, you let yourself fall into your armchair. You look at the wall of your room. It is empty. Just like your exhausted thoughts. But there is another way.

You come home from your exhausting and demanding job. You are totally exhausted. Exhausted, you let yourself fall into your armchair. You look at the wall of your room, your eyes fall on your new work of art. It is so colorful, it radiates such power and has something uplifting and motivating. You slowly begin to dream. You let the picture take effect on you. You are totally relaxed, no matter what is happening around you.

Be inspired by Vrenisworld!

Slowly you notice that your mood is improving. You feel better, lighter and more balanced. Maybe you were in the meadow with the dandelions and the lukewarm wind? Maybe you were immersed in a harmonious world of colors? Maybe you smiled inwardly at a picture with cartoon characters?

This is exactly the message and the message of Vrenisworld! Be inspired by special, impressive and heartfelt works and immerse yourself in Vrenisworld. Learn to feel again from the whole heart and be proud of yourself! Because you are just like the works of Vrenisworld. Unique!

In this sense and with warm regards,

Verena Glock

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