Drawing Westerhever Lighthouse

Drawing Westerhever Lighthouse I

Title: Westerhever Lighthouse
Art style: Drawings
Work number:
Processing: work on paper
Dimensions (WxH): 30,00 x 21,00 cm
Creation date: September 2021
Creation location: Bern, Switzerland
Current location:

Origin and idea for drawings Westerhever Lighthouse Westerheversand

Since many years we spend our vacations in early summer in Schleswig-Holstein. More exactly on the peninsula Eiderstedt with the well-known bathing resort Sankt Peter Ording. Near Tating we always rent a vacation apartment. Tating is very centrally located in the middle of the Eiderstedt peninsula. The idea for these drawings came up when we finally managed to visit the lighthouse Westerheversand in 2021. Based on our photos, the various pictures and drawings were then created.

Arrival and way to Westerheversand

In less than 15 minutes you can drive from Tating to Sankt Peter Ording or to the Westerhever lighthouse Westerheversand. In addition to the journey to the paid parking lot, you have to calculate about 45 minutes of walking. With stay and way back one should plan already two hours. The tide calendar and the weather should also be taken into account. The path leads first on the dike and then you enjoy the view of the salt marshes and the lighthouse. The path leads through the salt marshes with information boards about plants and animals. The salt marshes are designated as protected areas for plants and animals. Accordingly, there are instructions on how to behave there. The paths are well paved, but in case of rain, cool temperatures or strong winds, the walk to the lighthouse is not necessarily enjoyable. You should bring your own food and drinks, there is no restaurant at the lighthouse.

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Drawing Westerhever lighthouse on document paper II

Drawing Westerhever lighthouse sunrise

Drawing Westerhever lighthouse sunset

Reprints of the painted drawings Westerhever lighthouse Westerheversand as a wall mural, printed T-shirt, poster, postcard or greeting card.

This painted drawing of the Westerhever Lighthouse is available at www.redbubble.com as a reprint on various products. With the purchase of these products, I receive a pro-rated compensation for my designs and artwork.

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