Drawing Scottish Terrier

Image data

Title: Scottish Terrier
Art direction: Contemporary Arts
Work Number: O-2020-0006
Technique: black white pencil drawing
Dimensions (WxH):
Date of origin: 2020
Place of origin: Berne, Switzerland
Current location: Berne, Switzerland

Image description

Portrait of a Scottish Terrier. This black and white pencil drawing was an idea after a first meeting of our Bolonka Lucky with a Scottish Terrier. Presented as a pencil drawing, it is a detailed portrait of a Scottish Terrier standing full size. The realistic drawing captures the fine details of the magnificent coat as the dog gazes into the distance with a lofty stance and full of elegance. The animal portrait shows the dog in full glory, with soft shading and precise strokes that reflect the dog’s calm and dignified nature. The standing dog rendered in the pencil drawing is a pet that has been drawn with love and care, carefully crafted in every detail to bring out the beauty and character of the animal.

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