Digital Art Parrot Paradise

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Place of origin: Berne, Switzerland
Current location: Berne, Switzerland

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Art exhibitions and art collections

The artwork fits thematically and chronologically with the following art exhibitions and art collections.

Year 2020

The collection of 2020 paintings and drawings is designed to be inspirational and motivational, highlighting the positive moments and achievements of the year. It includes various themes such as nature, family, friendship, love and self-care. The color scheme and compositions are designed to have a calming and relaxing effect while encouraging self-reflection. Each image tells its own story, reminding us that we can find hope and joy even in difficult times.

Year 2021

This collection of paintings and drawings, all created in the year 2021, offer a variety of inspiring and motivating subjects. The images reflect the sense of hope, new beginnings and renewal that many people feel at this time. Various themes such as nature, freedom, community, and change can be found, inviting people to reflect on the past and the future. The artwork in this collection is a reflection of the experiences and challenges we have all been through this year, and offers a way to remind ourselves of what we can accomplish when we reflect on our strengths and our shared goals.

Year 2022

A collection of paintings and drawings from 2022 presents a diverse selection of works that reflect the year in all its facets. The works depict the challenges and turbulence as well as the beautiful and inspiring moments that the year brings. The subjects range from abstract depictions to realistic scenes and include a wide range of themes, from nature and landscapes to animals and people to architecture and technology. Some works are vibrant and colorful, while others are more subdued and subtle. Overall, the paintings and drawings in the collection exude a positive energy and encourage one to enjoy life, even in difficult times. They invite the viewer to focus on and be inspired by life’s beauty and opportunities. The collection is a tribute to 2022 and its diversity, its ups and downs, and offers an opportunity to enjoy this year and remember what it has brought us.

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