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Below my visitors, curators and other interested parties will find a summary of all my artwork by art exhibitions topics and art collections.

Year 2020

The collection of paintings and drawings from the year 2020 is designed to be inspirational and motivational, highlighting the positive moments and achievements of the year. It includes various themes such as nature, family, friendship, love and self-care. The color scheme and compositions are designed to have a calming and relaxing effect while encouraging self-reflection. Each image tells its own story, reminding us that we can find hope and joy even in difficult times.

Year 2021

This collection of images and drawings, all created in the year 2021, offer a variety of inspirational and motivational motifs. The images reflect the sense of hope, new beginnings and renewal that many people feel at this time. Various themes such as nature, freedom, community, and change can be found, inviting people to reflect on the past and the future. The artwork in this collection is a reflection of the experiences and challenges we have all been through this year, and offers a way to remind ourselves of what we can accomplish when we reflect on our strengths and our shared goals.

Year 2022

A collection of paintings and drawings from 2022 presents a diverse selection of works that reflect the year in all its facets. The works show both the challenges and turbulence as well as the beautiful and inspiring moments that the year brings. The subjects range from abstract depictions to realistic scenes and include a wide range of themes, from nature and landscapes to animals and people to architecture and technology.

Some works are vibrant and colorful, while others are more restrained and subtle. Overall, the paintings and drawings in the collection exude a positive energy and encourage one to enjoy life, even in difficult times. They invite the viewer to focus on and be inspired by life’s beauty and opportunities. The collection is a tribute to the year 2022 and its diversity, its ups and downs, and offers an opportunity to enjoy this year and remember what it has brought us.

Year 2023

Description for the current year will follow in 2024.


The Animal Collection consists of a variety of images and drawings that depict the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom in a fascinating way. From majestic lions and wild elephants to cute rabbits and lively squirrels, all types of animals are represented. Some of the paintings depict animals in their natural habitat, in the wild or in zoos and animal parks, while others show animals in human settings exploring the relationship between humans and animals.

The artworks vary in style and technique, from realistic portraits to abstract interpretations. Some are painted in vivid colors, while others are in black and white. Some are painted in oil or acrylic, while others are drawn in watercolor or pencil. Together, the artworks create a fascinating collection that captures the beauty and grace of the animal world and encourages viewers to reflect on their relationship with animals.

Hedgehogs and guinea pigs

A collection of paintings and drawings, which have hedgehogs and guinea pigs as a motif, invites the viewer to a journey into the world of small rodents. The depicted animals appear in different poses and environments that highlight their personality and uniqueness. Some images show the animals in moments of relaxation and well-being, while others illustrate their curious nature and adventurous spirit. The images and drawings are rich in detail and convey the charming and endearing characteristics of these animals. The depictions are done in a variety of styles, from realistic to abstract and playful.

Some works show the animals in their natural environment, while others present them in imaginative and dream-like landscapes. The color palette varies depending on the work, but warm, earthy tones often dominate, emphasizing the natural beauty of the animals and their surroundings. The collection of paintings and drawings can serve as a decorative element in a room as well as an inspirational resource for animal lovers and artists. Overall, the collection of paintings and drawings with hedgehog and guinea pig motifs conveys the joy and beauty that these animals can bring to our lives. The works invite the viewer to look at the world of small rodents from a new perspective and appreciate them as unique and precious beings.

Sea, beach and coasts

This collection of paintings and drawings revolves around the theme of the sea, coasts and beaches. Each artwork shows a unique perspective and representation of these picturesque places. The paintings and drawings capture the beauty of the beaches and the vibrant blue of the sea. They can put you in a dreamy mood and remind you of places with warm sunlight and salty air.

Some artworks show the beach at sunset or sunrise, while others offer a clear representation of the surf and tides. The collection can include both abstract and realistic depictions, so there is something for everyone. Overall, this collection is a perfect choice for those who love the sea and are looking for an artistic representation.

North Germany, North Frisia, Eiderstedt, Schleswig-Holstein and North Sea

A collection of paintings and drawings showing North Germany, North Frisia, Eiderstedt, Schleswig-Holstein and the North Sea as motifs gives the viewer the feeling of standing on the rugged coast of the North. The pictures show the unique landscape, characterized by lush green pastures and dikes, the harsh North Sea weather and the picturesque fishing villages. They show the diversity of the region, from the majestic coast and the deep blue of the North Sea to the characteristic reds and whites of the lighthouses and windmills. The artist has captured the beauty of the landscape and the vibrancy of the people and animals in the region.

The paintings and drawings show the landscape in different seasons and moods, from the stormy winters to the balmy summer days. The use of vivid colors and fine details allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the scene and feel the incomparable atmosphere. Some of the images also depict traditional North Frisian costumes and festivities, reflecting the cultural heritage and traditions of the region. Overall, the collection is a wonderful expression of North German identity and a tribute to the unique beauty and charm of this region.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was an Italian artist, engineer, inventor and polymath of the Renaissance. He is considered one of the most famous artists in the history of the world and his works have great influence on art and science until today. Da Vinci was a versatile artist who was active in many fields. His artistic work includes paintings, drawings and sculptures. His style is characterized by a strong emphasis on form and anatomy, as well as a precise representation of light and shadow. He used a realistic depiction of nature and man, often creating an illusionistic depth. One of da Vinci’s most famous works is the painting “Mona Lisa.” It depicts a woman with a mysterious smile and is famous for its shading and fine detail.

His frescoes in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, including the famous Last Supper, also show his mastery of composition and use of color. In addition to his art, da Vinci was also an important scientist and engineer who made many inventions and discoveries. This scientific approach also influenced his art and led to a precise representation of form and movement. Overall, Leonardo da Vinci’s art style can be described as a mixture of realism, illusionism and precision. His work shows a close connection between art and science and a tireless search for beauty and truth.


This collection of images will take you to the fascinating world of Japan. Immerse yourself in a world full of traditions, rituals and beauty. Experience Japanese culture and aesthetics through the eyes of the artist. The paintings and drawings depict Japanese gardens, pagodas, cherry blossoms, geishas, samurai, as well as scenes from Japanese daily life and nature. This collection offers a unique opportunity to discover Japan and immerse yourself in this rich culture.

Italy and Venice

This collection of paintings and drawings takes the viewer to the picturesque and romantic Italy and especially to the historic city of Venice. The images depict the stunning canals, impressive architecture and charming gondoliers that characterize the cityscape. The warm hues and detailed drawings capture the essence of the Italian landscape and culture, conveying a sense of tranquility and beauty. The collection is perfect for anyone looking to be inspired by the beauty of Italy and its culture.

France and Brittany

This collection of paintings and drawings pays homage to the scenic beauty of France and Brittany in particular. From majestic cliffs and wild beaches to green meadows and flowering gardens, the diversity of nature in this region is captured through the artistic works. The details and nuances of the landscapes are depicted through a variety of techniques and styles, from realistic paintings to abstract renderings. Each work invites the viewer to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature and immerse themselves in the landscape.


This collection of paintings and drawings celebrates the diversity and beauty of Germany. From its storied architecture and charming landscapes to its rich culture and culinary traditions, each image tells a unique story. From the magnificent castles and churches to the charming old towns and picturesque villages, this collection invites you to explore and discover the beauty and uniqueness of Germany. Whether you’re a fan of the breathtaking Alps, the idyllic Baltic coast or the vibrant cities like Berlin and Munich, this collection offers a wealth of inspiration and impressions. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, these images and drawings will entice everyone to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of Germany.

Middle Ages, Celts, Celtic and past.

This collection of paintings and drawings invites you to immerse yourself in the world of the Middle Ages and the Celts. Careful details and realistic depictions create an atmosphere that transports the viewer to a time long gone. The images depict mythological creatures, heroes, battles and everyday life in medieval Europe, allowing us to experience the beauty and mystery of this fascinating era. From Celtic patterns to historical weapons and clothing, this collection offers a variety of subjects that capture the charm and mystique of the Middle Ages and the Celts.

Resort, vacation and travel

This collection of paintings and drawings invites the viewer on a journey to various resorts and vacation destinations. From tropical beaches with turquoise waters to snowy mountain huts overlooking alpine scenery, each image tells a story of adventure, relaxation, and joy. The vibrant colors and detailed textures immerse the viewer in the scene and make them feel like a part of the picture. Whether it’s a walk on the beach, a trip to the mountains, or a visit to a foreign city, this collection of paintings and drawings expresses the beauty and charm of any destination.

Nature, jungles and mountains

A collection of paintings and drawings depicting the beauty and diversity of nature, with a focus on jungles and mountains. The works are inspired by wild and untouched nature, from majestic peaks to lush tropical forests. The artworks are meant to inspire viewers to appreciate and protect the beauty and importance of nature. The colors are intense and vibrant, capturing the various nuances and textures of the natural environment. The paintings and drawings depict a variety of scenes, from mountain landscapes and waterfalls to exotic animals and plants in the jungle.

Birds, eagles, sparrows, parrots, hawks and owls

This collection of paintings and drawings has been created by an artist who specializes in depicting birds. The different species such as hawks, parrots, sparrows, owls and eagles are depicted in a beautiful and detailed way that reflects their beauty and grace. From colorful parrots living in tropical forests to majestic eagles flying majestically in the mountains, each image is unique and fascinating. The artist has perfected her technique and understanding of bird anatomy and behavior to make her artwork appear vivid and realistic. This collection is a must for bird lovers and for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and its creatures.


The artist has created a collection of works that contain dogs as a motif. These works depict dogs in a variety of situations and settings, from playful puppies to majestic adult dogs. The artist has used a variety of techniques and styles to capture and render the unique characteristics and personalities of each dog. Some of the works are realistic, depicting dogs in vivid color and fine detail, while others are more abstract, creatively interpreting the dogs’ shapes and colors.

In some of the works, the dogs are the main focus, while in others they are part of a larger scene or context. The collection contains works in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, and printmaking. Some of the works are large-scale and dominate the space, while others are smaller, intimate pieces that invite viewers to come closer and look at the details. Overall, the collection demonstrates the artist’s love and admiration for dogs and her ability to capture and share each dog’s unique personalities and characteristics through her art.


The artist has created a collection of paintings and drawings that focus on depicting people. Her works depict people in a variety of situations and moods, from portrait-like depictions to scenes of daily life. She uses a variety of techniques and styles, from realistic to abstract, to bring her human figures to life. Each work of art in the collection has a unique personality and story that invites the viewer to connect with the people depicted.

Viking, warrior woman, huntress, pride and courage

This collection of paintings and drawings captures the strength and determination of Vikings, warrior women and huntresses. Each work depicts a figure proud and courageous in their mission. The artist uses a variety of techniques to emphasize the figures’ movements and emotions, and to show viewers that they are ready to take on any challenge. The paintings are perfect for people who see themselves as warriors and hunters, or who appreciate inspirational artwork that helps them boost their confidence and determination.


This collection of paintings and drawings is entirely dedicated to the theme of whales. The majestic animals are depicted in various situations and environments, whether jumping out of the water or swimming in deep waters. The pictures and drawings show the diversity of whale species, from giant blue whales to slender orcas. It is also about the protection of whales and their habitats and the importance that these fascinating animals have in nature and human culture. The collection is designed to encourage the viewer to reflect on the importance and protection of whales and to appreciate their beauty and size.


A collection of paintings and drawings on the theme of horses shows the majestic animals in different situations and environments. From wild mustangs galloping across vast prairies to elegant dressage horses dancing in the arena, this collection captures the beauty and grace of horses. There are also images of horses with their riders in competition and in everyday life. The diversity of horse breeds is also represented, from Shetland ponies to Friesians. Each image in this collection is a tribute to the relationship between man and horse that has existed for centuries.


This collection of paintings and drawings on the theme of dragons features various depictions of these mystical creatures from different cultures and times. The drawings show different types of dragons, from majestic and peaceful creatures to dangerous and menacing beasts. The images show dragons in different environments and landscapes, from high up in the mountains to dark caves and forests. The details of the dragons, their scales, wings and eyes are artfully depicted, giving viewers a glimpse into the fascinating world of these creatures.


This collection of pictures and drawings celebrates the spooky and beautiful festival of Halloween. Here you will find creepy witches, scary monsters, pumpkins with glowing eyes and much more. Each artwork is carefully designed to capture the atmosphere of Halloween and stimulate the imagination. With a mix of vibrant colors and somber shadows, these images offer a perfect addition to any Halloween decor or celebration. Let this collection take you into the world of creepiness and fantasy.

Cats, lions, leopards and tigers

This collection of paintings and drawings features a variety of feline species, including tigers, lions, leopards, and domestic cats, in a variety of poses and settings. The artist has a special fondness for the beauty and grace of these animals and knows how to capture their unique characteristics and movements in her work. From detailed portraits to more abstract depictions, this collection offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of cats as interpreted by the artist.


The artist presents a delightful collection of paintings and drawings, all revolving around the theme of mice. The collection features various scenes from the lives of mice, from playful mice at play to cozy mice in their homes. Each image is richly detailed and captures the charming personality of the mice. The artist uses a warm color palette and a variety of techniques to depict the texture and different fur colors of the mice. This collection is perfect for animal lovers and fans of cute illustrations.

Deer, Roe Deer and Rabbits

This collection of paintings and drawings is a tribute to the beauty and grace of nature. Focusing on deer, roe deer and hares, these works are a celebration of the majestic creatures that live in forests and fields. Each image shows the subtle beauty and uniqueness of these animals, from the fine details of their eyes and ears to the vibrant colors of their pelts. This collection is perfect for nature lovers and hunters who appreciate nature in all its glory.

Wolves, bears and foxes

This collection of paintings and drawings depicts majestic wolves, powerful bears and cunning foxes in their natural habitats. The artist has depicted the animals in various landscapes such as forests, mountains and tundras and painted them with great attention to detail. The paintings convey the beauty and wildness of these animals and immerse the viewer in their world. Each picture tells its own story and shows the unique personality of each animal.